Balance named best performing mental health employment project in London 2015

An independent evaluation paper documenting Balance’s performance in the last round of European Social Funding (ESF) has been published by London Councils.  Balance was named the best performing mental health employment project in London according to the Greater London Authority ESF performance rating.

Balance supported 461 people with mental health needs through the life of the project  with their employment situation. In terms of job outcomes, 226 people had found employment within 13 weeks of leaving the project (7.6% more than the original target) and 132 had been supported in sustained employment for 26 weeks.

Andrea Biggs CEO of Balance observed ‘ I am very proud of Balance’s mental health employment team, they have worked hard and shown great resilience in a difficult economic climate. They have supported our customers to reach their employment goals over the past 3 1/2 yrs. The evaluation highlights that, against the odds in some areas, including people gaining paid employment they have over achieved against the profile. To be labelled as ‘the best performing project in London’ is a real honour.

The full evaluation can be found on our Employment Support Team page.