Independent Travel Training


Balance Travel TrainingBalance’s Travel Training Programme has been designed to support young people aged 11-19 years with a special educational need, accessing locally provided transport services, to travel to and from school independently.

Balance Travel TrainingOur mission is to enable young people to become fully independent and confident, while gaining the necessary skills to travel safely between their home and place of study.



Accessing Our Support

Young people are referred to Balance by Achieving for Children. Balance’s Travel Training Team will then contact the young person’s family to arrange a home visit and assessment, giving an opportunity for the young person and their family to ask questions about how the training works. Following a successful initial assessment, a further individual risk assessment is carried out , followed by a comprehensive route assessment for the journey between home and school.

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Success stories

Balance Travel Training

Debbie’s account:

When the idea of Joe doing independent travel training was suggested to me, my initial reactions were pretty negative. I thought Joe was too young, that he would find it too difficult and that it would be a stressful process for all of us. How wrong was I?…


Our experience has been a positive one from the beginning.  The training has been totally geared to Joe’s pace – at no time has he felt pushed into doing anything he could not manage.  Gradually, Spencer, Joe’s Travel Trainer, let Joe use his own initiative and would meet him at the bus station until Joe finally was able to do the entire route on his own – all within the space of 6 months!


This has done wonders for Joe’s confidence and self-worth – he is so proud and also feels he is more like the majority of other people of his age. Joe’s confidence, independence and social skills have all developed as a result of the training.


All in all, Joe and I both believe this to have been invaluable training, and has definitely given him skills and confidence that have helped in all areas of his life and has been supportive for all of the family.

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