Balance is partly owned by a charity called Pure Innovations. Both organisations have a similar ethos and vision. Balance is keen to develop a Supported Internship site using the Pure model:

The Pure model

  • Supports 10 young people aged between 18 & 24 with learning difficulties / disabilities.
  • Each young person undertakes 3 rotations of job opportunities following the academic year – Sept to Dec, Jan to March and April to June.
  • Each young person also undertakes a work based qualification, usually Entry Level 3.
  • Classroom is based on the Employers premises.
  • Full support given to both the young people and the employer.

Advantages for the employer:

  • Increased visibility around Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • An extra pair of hands in the workplace.
  • As we are offering the 1:1 support – less reliance on staff that are already busy
    Committed and dedicated individuals.
  • Free Recruitment if the young people fit the job role.
  • The opportunities you can provide could be from Horticulture, Hospitality, Admin, Catering, Manual role.
  • Supported Internships have proved highly successful as it provides an intensive support package for the young people involved (stats- number in to paid work at end of internship?).
  • The Employer is fully supported by a team of a Senior Employment Officer (Balance), Job Coach (Balance) and Tutor (Kingston College).
  • Supported Internships are free for the host employer – we leverage funding through the College and Local Authorities who have designated funding for young people with learning disabilities with assessed needs.

How can you make this happen?

  • We are looking for a host employer within the Kingston area.
  • We have met with Kingston College, who are keen to take this forward.
  • We would need 10 different placements across a wide variety of roles – o.ur model is to get to know the young people and job match accordingly – we can use these placements again across each rotation if that fits with the young person.