Volunteering opportunities with Balance

Balance welcome volunteers with the right skills and attributes to match with people who use our services support needs. Louise started volunteering at Stud Nursery in Spring 2021 and gave us the following feedback: 

Louise, Volunteer at Stud Nursery

“I really enjoy volunteering, you get really involved without the commitment of a paid job so I chose
a day of the week that fitted in with my family commitments. I feel part of the team at Stud Nursery,
I feel like I am helping and contributing to people’s support.
Every day is different at the nursery, I could be helping to sow seeds, hoeing, or watering plants. I am always making sure I involve people who visit the nursery in every task we do. I chat to the people in my group to find out what’s going on in their lives while observing how they are using a tool to see if there maybe a different way for them to carry out an activity if they are having difficulties.
Stud Nursery is a fun place and it’s a really beautiful location. It’s very rewarding. Everyone is really
friendly and its great getting to know everyone.
I would highly recommend volunteering with Balance. You are giving but you get more back”

Community Activities currently has the following vacancies for volunteers who can commit to a few hours weekly and enhance our service user’s experience in their time with us. 


Cycling Volunteers

Stud Nursery is developing a small cycling project to enable people to enjoy Home Park and the surrounding grounds of Hampton Court Palace. We currently have a side-by-side companion bike and four regular bicycles. We are looking for experienced and confident cyclists who can commit to a few hours weekly to support our service users get on their bikes!!

Stud Nursery Volunteers 

Stud Nursery is a walled garden space in Home Park with greenhouse, polytunnels, raised beds and a walk-in chicken coop. We offer a range of projects every day for people to join in with, like gardening, woodwork and craft. We are looking for volunteers who have practical outdoor skills, and can dedicate time every week to helping our service users get involved and enjoy nature! 

If you would like to know more about volunteering with Balance please contact Nicole Brookes, Community Activities Service Manager nicola.brookes@balancesupport.org.uk / 07850 217211.

We have a volunteer application form link below: 

Balance Volunteering Application Form

*Please note – if you volunteer for Balance, you will be required to come into close contact with our service users, which potentially gives rise to additional risks to both you and service users’ safety. It is therefore a requirement of the role that, subject to our obligations under the Equality Act, you should either be vaccinated against coronavirus or willing to be vaccinated.*